Asheville Monthly Meeting with Jim Newman

Sunday October 8th 2023, 2-5pm

Jim Newman leads meetings discussing non-duality.  He regularly hosts these meetings online, and also at in-person events.  Similar to Tony Parsons, he’s been described as “radical non-duality”, with absolutely no compromising of the message.  Before attending such a meeting for the first time, you may find it helpful to review some of Jim’s videos.

Jim’s meetings typically start with a short introduction to non-duality, and then the rest of the meeting will often be questions and answers.


Asheville afternoon meeting with Jim Newman.

Jim Newman has given talks on non-dualism internationally.  Meetings will have no agenda, list of topics or specific structure. Space is open for questions and discussion with Jim.

“Here and in the meetings, there will be an uncovering, revealing, pointing to the reality, that that experience of separation, that experience that I’m real, that there’s something wrong and that I need to do something about it, is illusory. In reality, THIS is whole, this is complete. There’s nothing missing, there’s no real lack, there’s no real need for anything to happen.”

Jim Newman’s NON-DUALITY meetings share a mystery, a paradox. The paradox is that THIS, this appearance, isn’t what it appears to be. It is and it isn’t. It’s no-thing being something. It’s emptiness appearing as everything. It’s unified appearing as divided or separated.

Within this apparent paradox arises an experience. That experience is, that this appearance is happening to ‘me’. That experience is not paradoxical; it feels very real. There’s no space, no room, no possibility for the reality, that ‘this’ isn’t happening to ‚me’. That experience of duality is dissatisfying. It’s uncomfortable. Out of that experience arises the need to bring about a wholeness, to cover up the feeling that what is, isn’t complete, to make the feeling that it’s not okay – okay.

Out of that arises the need for good and bad and right and wrong. So this appearance then turns into ‚my life‘, and my life is the need to make ‘this’ better, ‘this’ good, to find out or to solve the problem of why I don’t feel like it’s okay, why I feel like something’s wrong, why I feel like I need to seek, to find something else.


Sunday, October 8, 2023

2:00 PM 5:00 PM


First Congregational Church

20 Oak Street


NC, 28801

United States