Discussing Non-Duality With Q & A

30th July 2022, 2pm to 5pm (UK time)​

Update: This meeting has Been Postponed

Due to a number of reasons we've postponed this meeting. We're looking to run it now either later this year, or early 2023.

And the intention is now to run between 6 to 12 events in total in 2023, with a variety of presenters.

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Presented by Richard Sylvester & Dawn Garland

Central Maidenhead, Berkshire (Zoom option also available)

Attendance is Free


Schedule in Brief

Richard and Dawn’s meetings begin with an introduction to the topic of non-duality, and then the rest of the meeting is a question and answer session.

Saturday the 30th of July, 2022.

  • Session 1: 2pm to 3.30pm
  • Tea break: 3.30pm to 4pm
  • Session 2: 4pm to 5pm



Central Maidenhead (30 miles west of London).  Also available via Zoom.


  • The venue is around 10 minutes’ walk from Maidenhead Train station, which is on the Elizabeth Line.
  • And just off M4 Junction 8/9.

There’s plenty of paid parking near the venue, and also residential parking a few minutes walk from the town centre.  See:


Free to attend

(all events the foundation offers are free to attend)


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To attend in person, please email us letting us know.  Also please let us know if you’re coming with guests.

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Please read through this FAQ for common questions.

If you still have a question, you can get in touch through this email: events@forwardview.org

What is non-duality, and why talk about it?

At the simplest level, it’s a discussion of the nature of what’s happening right now.  Yes, right now.

But this isn’t an intellectual exercise or complicated mental framework, it’s really the complete opposite.

The purpose of these meetings is simply to discuss something that’s always true, but that is generally entirely overlooked.

Why attend the meeting?

People attend for all sorts of reasons, including:

  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Looking for larger answers
  • The atmosphere of the meetings

There’s no dogma and nothing specifically to get from the meeting, but you may find it interesting, even quite invigorating.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, the bulk of the meetings are Q & A.

And although in-person questions will initially get priority, we’ll aim to get to any Zoom questions too.

Is the meeting being recorded and published?

Yes, but the focus will be on the presenters.  You will only be recorded if:

  • In-person and you ask a question – just your voice will be recorded
  • Ask a question via Zoom – your video and audio (or just audio if you have video turned off).
By attending the meeting and asking a question you consent to being recorded.

What is a meeting like?

See the video below for an example of a recent meeting (although that was Zoom only).

I’m new to this – where can I find out more before the meeting?

If you scroll down this page, we’ve included more details on Richard and Dawn, including:

  • Links to their sites
  • Richard’s YouTube channel
  • Richard’s books

Those are great places to find out more.

I registered for Zoom but didn’t receive a link?

Zoom will automatically send you an email with a private link, as soon as you register.  Please allow a few minutes for the email to arrive.

Also – make sure to check your spam folder, or your “Commercial” tab.

It’s rare for these emails not to arrive entirely so please do check those places.  If you still haven’t found it please get in touch using the email above.

Why can’t I join the Zoom meeting after 10 minutes?

In the past we’ve noticed people drift in and out of Zoom meetings.  Whereas the point of these meetings is to be a full participant, even if you don’t ask any questions.

We’d like people to try to attend for the full session (or ideally the full meeting), so after 10 minutes you will no longer be able to join the session.

If you don’t feel you’ll be able to attend a full session, please join at the start and then leave when you’ve run out of time, or alternatively consider a future event instead when you have more time available.

If joining via Zoom, do I need video on?

No not at all.  If you do ask a question it would be great if your video was on, but it’s not 100% essential.

How do I ask a question via Zoom?

Click the “hand up” emoji, and you’ll be put in a queue.  You’ll then be asked to unmute when we get to you.

There’s a chance we may not get to all questions, apologies in advance about this.


Video of the Previous Meeting (Zoom Only)​

About Dawn Garland

Inspired as a teenager by a biography of Jim Morrison, Dawn found herself drawn to the works of various philosophical thinkers in an attempt to make sense of an apparently meaningless existence.

An enduring sense of futility and failure eventually led to a long period of depression, which ended for Dawn in 2012 when she woke up to deep abiding boundless love. Nine years later she has begun speaking about this.

Dawn is a non-duality speaker with an interest in integration issues. She has co-hosted meetings with Richard Sylvester on Nothing Media and she holds non-duality meetings in London. Dawn is also a transpersonal integrative psychotherapist.

Find out more through the links below:

About Richard Sylvester

Richard Sylvester was a spiritual seeker for 30 years until he came across non-duality. That encounter eventually led to an end to seeking.

Since 2005 he has held meetings on non-duality in the UK and elsewhere. His books include I Hope You Die Soon and Confessions Of A Seeker. He also offers private sessions.

Find out more through the links below:

Richard's Books
Quotes From Richard

"Seeing non-duality means seeing that our most basic assumption about our life, that we are separate, is only an appearance. We seem to be the subject of our life, moving through a world of objects, including those sometimes difficult objects known as ‘other people’. But actually there is no separation, there is no subject and object, there is only seamless oneness."

Many teachers of non-duality suggest that there is someone who can do something to heal their sense of separation; in other words that there is a person who is able to discover that they are not a person. The absurdity of this idea is often camouflaged by highly complex and subtle thinking. Teachings about non-duality frequently present the seductive idea that liberation can be realised through an evolutionary spiritual path. This has no actual connection with non-duality but it can offer us a convincing, although meaningless, story about it. A way of searching may lead to a person being more comfortable. That is fine but it is all that you get – a person who is more comfortable in their prison. If you are in prison, it is better to be comfortable but that doesn’t get the person out of the prison they perceive themselves to be in. Nothing will get the person out of their prison because the person is the prison. When the person drops away, it is seen that there never was a prison in the first place. Then it is seen that ‘I’ and ‘you’ are the light in which everything arises.

In liberation it is seen that the person that we think we are is simply an appearance. At our heart and at the heart of everything is undifferentiated Being from which all differences appear. There is no self, there is no person. The most common misconception about liberation is that it is something a person can gain. But liberation is a loss – the loss of the sense that there ever was a separate person who could choose to do something to bring about liberation. When it is seen that there is no separation, the sense of vulnerability and fear that attaches to the person falls away and what is left is the wonder of life just happening. Instead of meaning there is a squirrel motionless on a grey tree trunk, legs splayed, head up, looking straight at you. Instead of purpose there is the incredible way an ant crawls over a twig. When the sensation that I am in control of my life and must make it happen ends, then life is simply lived and relaxation takes place. There is a sense of ease with whatever is the case and an end to grasping for what might be.