An Introduction

Perhaps one question to ask is – what led you here?

For many (if not most) of us, sooner or later, we experience dissatisfaction in life. Even significant dissatisfaction and unhappiness. And that can often be a motivator to start to look for answers.

But we believe strongly that no one can tell you what’s right for you, which are the correct answers for you, and that everyone’s journey is unique. Ultimately the most valuable clarity and answers come from within.

So How to Find Your Answers?

We do present several options that you may find helpful. Our focus tends to be on:

Emotional releasing techniques
And philosophical discussion, with a particular focus on nondualism

Using these approaches in combination can be valuable, but of course you can choose to try out some of these, all of these, or none of these.

And we also continue to compile and update a directory of events and approaches others offer (that are aligned with the goals of this foundation), so you can easily see what else is available. You may also find this directory particularly valuable if you’re looking for events close to you, or interested in one-to-one sessions either in person, or over the internet.

Our 3 Suggested Approaches

Here’s a summary of the three approaches we focus on:


You’re likely to be familiar with meditation, since it’s now become quite mainstream.

At the simplest level with meditation you tend to sit quietly and focus. Perhaps on your breath. Or on a word or phrase (mantra). Or on the sensations in your body. Or on feelings of love. There’s many different approaches, and different approaches work for different people (it can be a process of trial and error).

Emotional releasing

At the simplest level, this is a process of becoming more aware of your feelings, and letting them go, without having to externalise them. It’s a simple exercise, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

At the start of the process, you may be dealing with fleeting surface level emotions. And this is a good way to get started and get some practice.

But as you continue the process, you may start to let go of ever-deeper emotional structures. And this may encourage a change of perspective.

Philosophical discussions (with a particular focus on nondualism)

Although discussions of nondualism can be described as philosophical in nature, they’re not an intellectual exercise. They’re simply an attempt to point to that which is already the case. What is true in this moment.

And at the simplest level – nondualism simply means “not two”. It’s the idea that all apparent separation, may not actually be the case.

A Little About Us

ForwardView Foundation is registered in England as a Community Interest Company (also sometimes referred to as a Social Enterprise). This legal structure ensures that our energies and assets go towards a community-focused mission.

And it was one of our founding principles that we give as much as possible away for free, as we’d like to make this available to the widest audience. We don’t want money to be an obstacle in the way of what we offer.

That said we may very occasionally have to charge a small amount (pay shipping to receive a book, for example), and as mentioned most of what we publish, and most of the events we run, will be available at absolutely no cost. As a founding principle, that will always be the case.

We focus on sharing our three preferred approaches (detailed above – meditation, emotional releasing, and nondualism). And we do this through online publishing, and by running events.

And if you’re interested in reading more about the founding, mission and approach of this foundation, please feel free to read this blog post.

Take the Next Step

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Thank you so much for visiting, and we hope you find what we offer of value.