Welcome to ForwardView Foundation

ForwardView Foundation is focused on encouraging innate well-being, clarity, meaning, and connection.

And with that in mind, we tend to focus on sharing meditation techniques, emotional releasing approaches, and philosophical discussions that may be supportive in that goal.

And as a foundation – as much as possible, all content we publish and events we run, are made available at no cost.

Content, Resources & Publications

On an ongoing basis, we’ll be creating and sharing the following:

Articles and blog posts.
Books as digital downloads, and also offered in paperback/hardback.
Audios including interviews, guided tutorials, and podcasts.
Videos from events we run, as well as (if possible) interviews and guides in video format.
Transcripts of audios and videos will also be provided wherever possible.

All online content will be made available at no cost to you. Any physical products (books for example) will likely be charged at the cost of printing and shipping. However every book will also be available for free as a download.

Stay Up to Date

Stay up to date with us through email and Facebook:

Through our Facebook page we will share relevant content, as well as foundation news including events.
You can also sign up to receive updates through our email newsletter.

Our Events

Events we run will focus on:

Emotional releasing
Philosophical discussion, with a particular focus on nondualism

Events may start in 2021 or 2022 (depending on a number of factors). Initially they will be held in Maidenhead, which is around 30 miles west of London.

Feel free to sign up to receive updates and we’ll let you know when we’re running events.

Events Directory & Calendar

We regularly add to and update an online directory of events and organisations that work towards similar goals as we do.

Since our focus is mostly meditation, emotional releasing, and nondualism, we certainly understand that there’s other approaches, practices, and techniques that are of value to many people. And since finding relevant events can mean visiting many different websites, we thought it helpful to create a regularly updated directory / calendar to help you more easily find events and resources that may be of interest and value to you.

This can be particularly relevant if you’re looking for events close to you, and also if you’re looking for someone who offers private sessions (one-to-one) either in-person or via Skype.

Some upcoming events are listed below, or visit the directory / calendar here.

events will be listed here shortly