Directory of Selected Non-Duality, Meditation, and Releasing Events

Jim Newman Meeting

Asheville Monthly Meeting with Jim Newman
(Sunday October 8th 2023, 2-5pm)

Jim Newman leads meetings discussing non-duality.  He regularly hosts these meetings online, and also at in-person events.  Similar to Tony Parsons, he’s been described as “radical non-duality”, with absolutely no compromising of the message.  Before attending such a meeting for the first time, you may find it helpful to review some of Jim’s videos.

This weekend event is at 20 Oak Street, Asheville, NC, Sunday October 8th 2023, 2-5pm.

Jim’s meetings typically start with a short introduction to non-duality, and then the rest of the meeting will often be questions and answers.

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The Vedanta

Seven Day UK Retreat With Rupert Spira
(11th to 18th November)

Rupert Spira leads meditation sessions and discussions of non-duality.

This seven day retreat is in Branston, England.  And it is also available to attend online.

Each day features a guided meditation in which we rest in being, as being, as well as a dialogue in which we discuss the non-dual understanding.

Places range from £1,330.00 to £2,555.00 ($1680.46 to $3228.24).

Streaming places are available from £190.00 to £380.00 ($240.07 to $480.13)

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