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Meeting Led by Lisa Cairns

Lisa Cairns led the very first meeting we hosted. This video is an edit of the full two hour meeting.

The meeting began with a brief overview of Lisa’s personal story, while the rest of the meeting was a balance between a discussion of non-duality, and also talking through how she works with people to help them find more balance in life.

Interview With Tom Das

In this in depth interview, Tom Das discusses his journey of spiritual seeking, how he one day realised that all suffering had ceased, and how he works with others to help people with their own journeys.

Interview With Richard Sylvester

Richard Sylvester leads meetings and publishes books discussing non-duality.

In our very first published interview, Richard kindly took the time with us to talk through his journey of spiritual seeking over thirty years. He also discusses how he approaches talking about non-duality.

Interview With Jim Eaton

In this in depth interview Jim Eaton (previously James) talks through his spiritual journey, and how people can rediscover truth and integrate it into their lives to help them live authentically.

He also discusses his philosophical idea for society as a whole, called a New Paradigm for Living.

Please note: Jim used to go by James which is why he’s called James in this interview.

Interview With Lisa Cairns

In this interview Lisa Cairns talks through her spiritual journey in depth, starting very early in life, leading into Buddhism in her teens, and eventually taking her to India and Australia. Further discussions with Lisa will be published at a later date.