About ForwardView Foundation


The foundation presents the following:

  • Discussions of non-duality (core focus)
  • Releasing approaches
  • Meditation techniques

This is offered through:

  • Online publishing
  • Live events (in-person and online)

And it’s of utmost importance to us that this is all offered at absolutely no cost to help it be as accessible as possible.

Plus we also offer all interviews, videos and transcripts available free of copyright so that others may publish them.

Founding Details

The foundation was set up in 2016 but was largely dormant initially.

It converted to a Community Interest Company (not-for-profit organisation) in 2020, and has slowly started to become more active.


Here is a broad overview of the direction the foundation is heading:


  • All interviews and meetings published copyright free (public domain content).
  • Continue growing the events directory.
  • Publish the transcripts as a book this year, if possible.


  • More regular events – online, and in-person where possible.  Any in-person event will also be available via Zoom at the same time.
  • More interviews recorded and published – audios and transcripts.

Beyond 2024 (no set dates for these goals as yet)

  • More events, and longer events (weekends, even retreats)
  • Free meditation app
  • Conversion from Community Interest Company into a Charity


We’re not interested in grants or donations due to the (in our view) inherent instability and potential conflicts of interest with that approach.  As such, it’s also a core goal that we’re entirely self-funded.

In our mission to offer everything at no cost, we’ve chosen to be self-funding through ownership of a business (the “trading company”).

The business of the trading company has no relation to the foundation (it offers IT services).

A percentage of profits from that company are given to the foundation, so it can continue its work.

As the trading company grows, so too will the donations to the foundation, allowing it to grow and gain further reach and financial strength.

So the growth of the trading company is entirely linked to the growth and mission of the foundation.